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    Unable to Create Bookmarks

      I am seeing something very weird with our QlikView application.


      I was in the middle of creating bookmarks for our user base, when this functonality literally stopped working.  I created 25 bookmarks, and then when I hit the new bookmark button and fill out the details and hit "OK", no bookmark was created.  Repeated attempts proved to no avail, this was Thursday night.  I went to sleep, and in the office the next mornign I was still unable to create any bookmarks. 


      I asked one of the guys on my team to create dummy bookmarks to test for a limit, and he immediately was able to create 30+ bookmarks. 


      During a training session I was suddenly able to create bookmarks again, but only briefly and then users in the training session were unable to create bookmarks as well.


      Something is definitely going on, although I admit I don't have a lot of information.  I have been trying to create a bookmark all night, with no success.


      I have tried Chrome/IE, remote desktop and web based, I have cleared my last document state, restarted my laptop and the QV services... nothing.


      I am at a loss... any help or ideas are appeciated!