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    Free Text Straight Chart



      I am trying to create a Straight Chart that the Dimensions are free Text and the expresssion is calculated as such

      =count(distinct if(time(update_time_JD_1,'hh,mm,ss') > time('00:00:00','hh,mm,ss') AND time(update_time_JD_1,'hh,mm,ss') < time('29:59:59','hh,mm,ss'), update_time_JD_1))




      Free Text (Dimension)Expression
      Last Updated 3 Days ago121

      Last Updated more than 3 Days Ago


      Last Updated more than 5 Days Ago32

      Last Updated more than 10 Days Ago

      Last Updated more than 14 Days Ago5
      Last Updated more than 20+ Days ago16


      The above table is how I want the chart to look, with the Free Text being what I want to enter and the expression being above, obvisouly with changes made to the expression.




      Jon Ditchfield