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    How can you manage Server Objects ?

      In a self-service approach, we are letting our business users create their own server objects.  They love this !


      We would like to look after of all these server objects and manage the environment so it doesn't get too full of unused items and to make sure that we have enough capacity to keep all the apps running.


      We need a way to get this information on every Server Object:


      • Who created it
      • is it shared
      • who is sharing it
      • which application owns it
      • when was it last used
      • how many times has it been used
      • what expressions does it include


      We can get SOME of this information using QvServerObjectsConnector but there are some important facts that we can't find.  The gaps are :


      • Is it shared
      • Who is sharing it
      • When was it last used
      • How many times has it been used


      Without this information we will be flying blind.


      Are there any tools that provide a view into this information on Server Objects ?