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    Dropdown select commands

      Does anyone have any documentation on what commands are available in dropdown selects?


      For example, I can type >40 <70 to get values greater than 40 AND less than 70.

      I can type <40 >=70 to get less than 40 OR greater than or equal to 70.

      I can type *qlik* to get anything with qlik in it, or qlik* for anything that begins with qlik.


      I'd like to know how to do (not equal) <>50 AND <>70

      and how to do <>*qlik* <>*other*, or NOT *qlik*, other*

      Things of that nature.


      Plus any other useful commands I may not know of.  Would be very useful

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          I haven't found any documentation yet other than the help file.


          to exclude 50 and 70 you can enter -50 -70. If you wanted to exclued a negative value you could use -"-40". As far as I know there's no way to enter a search string for <> *qlik*. For <> other* you can enter -other. For <> *qlik* you'll have to open the advanced search dialog (ctrl+shift+f) and enter an expression like =count({1-<MyField={'*qlik*'}>}1)>0