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    based on column value another column will be filled set expression

      Dear all -- I need you help.



      1.Please check the sheet "Inventory by Warehouse - Product/Item" .

      --->  for your understanding select

      warehouse Number  - BSO

      SKU Code - 210225012201010

      Closing balance is - 4 and its correspondent TDate is 20130404.(from this its working fine. but my problem is in next column Warehouse sales)


      Warehouse Sales Logic - > My selection is in May 2013.and i got warehouse and sku last transaction date -"20130404"


      IF you go to "raw data" Sheet and their will be find a table where in "SR_SALES_TRX_FRMT_DAY" column you will find 3 row greater than 20130404 till whole may month(because selection is in may month) and sum correspondent column "SALES_ORD_INV_QTY" value(for this selection it wty will be 3).


      so,ware house column will appear 3 but here it shows 124

      but if I select

      warehouse Number  - BSO

      SKU Code - 210225012201010


      then it shows right value -3.



      If possible please give me a solution


      thanks in advance