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    Apply data reduction only in certain table or field and not to whole data model?

      Is there a way to apply data reduction only to certain fields/tables using section-access?


      The following example explains my scenario:


      Table Salesman                                                       Table Product

      Saleman_name  Product                                          Product     Main_sales_region

      A                         P1                                                   P1            R1

      A                         P2                                                   P2            R2

      B                         P3                                                   P3            R3


      I have 2 sheets in my qvw file: Product Details and Region analysis. Product detail should show data only about those products that fall under the logged in salesman.

      Whereas Region analysis sheet should take into consideration all the regions available and provide a comprehensive report on region-wise trend.


      Now if I apply REDUCE to field Product and take USERNAME AS Salesman_name, the reduction is being applied to whole data model.


      Therefore, if A logs in the page Product Details shows data only about P1 and P2 (which is perfectly fine) but at the same time, the Region Analysis page shows data only about R1 and R2(which is against my requirement).


      Is there a way to mention explicitly within section access script that consider linked Products only but for Region consider all region?