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    This dynamic update doc generates "server error" while concurrent users

    Andreas Karlsson

      Hi folks,

      I've put together a very small application to test the dynamic update command.

      In the application users can click on a row to verify its correctness (green) or not (red).

      Then the user clicks a button to export the updated in-memory table to a qvd-file which is read during the next reload.


      It works when running on a Qlikview server with IE-plugin as well as with Ajax-clients.

      It works until two or more users are viewing the document at the same time and making changes to the in-memory data.

      I haven't come so far that they are making changing at the very same time but the document crashes and have to be reloaded by the publisher even if the users are modifying the data after each other.

      Any hints on what is going on?

      Do I have to create separate data for each user for this to work?

      The server is of version 11.00.11282.0