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    Combining two fields in one dimension

      Attached: Example.qvw, Example.xlsx


      Hello all!


      In the attached qvw-file (an example file analogous to the case propper), I need to create a variable to be used in a calculated dimension in a cyclic group.


      (The xlsx file will be updated with new data evry so often, so I'd rather stay away from hard coding anything into the script.)


      It needs to do the following:


      If a city is selected in Deo_list, it alone is used as dimension.


      If a group is selected, it is used as dimension, along with it's member cities


      Example 1: Select Coventry => Coventry   

      Example 2: Select London Metropolitan => London Metropolitan, Arsenal, Tottenham, and WestHam

      Example 3 UK area => London Met, Midlands CMA, North-West CMA, + all cities in the UK. I.e NOT Ireland and NOT Dublin


      Any ideas? Any help would be much appreciated!