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    Different scales on guages in guage chart?


      I have a straight table chart with an expression presented as a linear guage. The expression is an amount of sales against target (I'm using a variable to hold the expression, $(vAmountOfSalesAgainstTarget) ), which is evaluated as a number: 1 meaning sales equals targets, 0.9 means sales is 90% of target, 1.1 means 110% of target. The dimension is Department.

      I want the maximum value for each guage in each row to be either 1, or the sales against target for that department, whichever is greatest.

      I am getting this to work using


      NumMax(Max(Aggr($(vSalesAmountAgainstTarget), [Department])), 1)

      However, this sets the same maximum value for all guages in the table, so they all end up having the same scale. I want each guage to have their own maximum. Is this possible?

      Thanks, I hope I have made myself clear!