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    set expression didn't work


      below expression works fine.



      =FirstSortedValue($(v_INV_TRX_DATE), -(aggr(max({<TRX_DATE ={'<=$(vSelectedDate)'}>}MAX_TRX), $(vWarehouse),$(v_PRODUCT_CODE), $(vItem),$(v_TRX_DATE))))


      but when I used it in blow way then it doesn't work -



      =$(=FirstSortedValue($(v_INV_TRX_DATE), -(aggr(max({<TRX_DATE ={'<=$(vSelectedDate)'}>}MAX_TRX), $(vWarehouse),$(v_PRODUCT_CODE), $(vItem),$(v_TRX_DATE)))))


      it returns fixed highest value in all row like 20130531.



      i want to use number 2 option in set analysis below way and its first greater portion doesn't work - 


      =sum({<SR_SALES_TRX_FRMT_DAY={">$(=FirstSortedValue($(v_INV_TRX_DATE), -(aggr(max({<$(v_TRX_DATE)={'<=$(vSelectedDate)'}>}$(v_MAX_TRX)), $(vWarehouse),$(v_PRODUCT_CODE), $(vItem),$(v_TRX_DATE)))))<=$(vSelectedDateNew)"}>}SALES_ORD_INV_QTY)



      Could please help me regarding this.


      thanks in advance