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    Show results between 2 variables

      Can some one help me with adding a part in the calculation?


      Currently the expression is like this:

      if(Interval(Date([SAMPLE.Verified Date],'DD-MM-YYYY')-Date([SAMPLE.Due Date],'DD-MM-YYYY'), 'D') >=1, Interval(Date([SAMPLE.Verified Date],'DD-MM-YYYY')-Date([SAMPLE.Receive Date],'DD-MM-YYYY'), 'D'))

      It shows all positive values like in a overdue by day's


      Now i have made a input box selection with variable $vMinOverdue and vMaxOverdue.

      And i want the results be shown between this selection. So i need to add some extra code to the above part. But i dont know how.

      Anny change that some can help me with that?