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    Sql query get to the qlikview

      hi im shehan

      How to write this query using qlikview .i need create a table using this query


      select distinct nawinna_inltran.inlddt,wekmast.wekwek From nawinna_inltran,wekmast

      where   nawinna_inltran.inlddt>=wekmast.wekfrddt  and   nawinna_inltran.inlddt<=wekmast.wektoddt and to_char(nawinna_inltran.inlddt,'YYYY-MM') ='2013-05';


      plz help me on that

        • Re: Sql query get to the qlikview
          Vishwaranjan Kumar

          According to your query we wirite the code in qlikview


          load * ;

          Sql select inlddt  from   nawinna_inltran;



          load *;

          Sql select wekwek, wekfrddt, wektoddt  from  wekmast;



          load *, rowno() as Key  resident TableA;




          load * ,rowno() as Key  resident TableB;



          load *  resident DataTable

          where  inlddt>=wekfrddt   and   inlddt<=wektoddt    and   inlddt ='2013-05';



          note -- set all the date in this format like

          date(inlddt,'YYYY-MM')  AS  inlddt,

          date(wekfrddt ,'YYYY-MM' ) AS wekfrddt,

          date(wektoddt,'YYYY-MM') AS wektoddt