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    Section Access Scenario

      Hi Folks,


      I've a small query regarding section access for the below scenario.

      I've a fact table that contains country and sales. I've coded section access in my qvw.

      I've assigned 'India' under country in the section access under my ntname. The country 'India' doesn't exist in the fact table.

      So when I open my qvw it's showing data for all the countries. My question is if a country declared in section access doesn't exist in fact table, no data should be shown to the corresponding user.

      Pls advise me how I can achieve this.







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          Florian Pennetzdorfer

          Hope that helps ...

          Qlikview Manual:


          Strict Exclusion

          If this check box is marked in combination with Initial Data Reduction Based

          on Section Access, strict exclusion will be used when reducing the data. This

          means that access to the document will be denied whenever the field values in

          the section access reduction fields lack matches in their corresponding section

          application field. This, however, does not apply for users with Admin status,

          who instead will see the unreduced data set if there are no matches. This setting

          is enabled by default in documents created with QlikView 7.02 and later

          and is recommended for maximum access security.


          Be sure to make a copy of your qvw in order to prevent locking yourself out!




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            Hi Florian,


            Many thanks for your answer.

            Since it was Admin, I was able to see all the data.

            The issue is resolved now.






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                Sorry for extending this post.

                When I publish the qvw in Access Point, I'm not able to access the document even though I'm an admin.

                But I'm able to open the qvw Desktop with out any issues,even though strict exclusion is applied.

                Is there any setting that needs to be made in ther Management Console.

                Kindly advise.