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    Calculating Average Weeks and counting backwards based on Variable

    candice ball

      Hi all ,

      I have a table which has sales and Inventory.

      I need to show the total sales for a certain time frame (week/year) and inventory as well, but also an average inventory.

      If I select Year 2010 and Weeks 13, 14, 15 and 16 but use a variable for the number of weeks I want to use for Average Inventory what expression do I use?

      Average Week Variable = 2 ( Inventory / inventory for weeks 15 and 16? )

      How do I find and calculate week 16 and 15 average inventory? from week number = 16 (the highest number selected in the select data range)

      If the Variable was 3, then I would need Total Inventory for the time frame chosen divided by the sum of Inventory weeks 16, 15 and 14.

      Any assistance would be much, much appreciated.