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    accumulation in graph



      I'm trying to create a graph that uses another expression. This works fine in the straight table and provides me with the right data, however when converting this to a graph and not wanting to see the expression I required to get the index number I run into trouble.


      I accumulate the periodic turnover by week or period. and then divide it by the acumulated turnover of the previous year.


      This creates an index development of 2 seperate years


      ((sum({<KA_SUJaar={$(=year(today()))}, table_code = {2} >}omzet)) + if(rowno()=1,0,above([Cum huidig jaar])))
      $(=year(today())-1)}, table_code = {2} >}omzet)) + if(rowno()=1,0,above([Cum huidig jaar -1])))



      Hope anyone has a solution for me. We are using an extensive database therefore creating datapoints in the script is not preferred ( or even not an option)


      Thanks for your help!