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    Issue with Set Analysis Not Ignoring Current Selections



      I've been having some trouble with a set analysis not ignoring select date ranges. My goal is to rank a selected company's sales for last month against all over companies with the following statement:


      =aggr(rank (sum({1<  [Date] = {"=InMonth([Date], Today(),-1)"}>}[Sales])),[Company])


      It's properly ranking the sales for the selected company against all other companies, unless I select a date range exlcuding last month (May of 2013). I thought that the "1" at the beginning would ignore the date selections, but it doesn't.


      I've provided a sample QV document, the error occures if I select either 4/1/2013 or 6/1/2013 since it falls outside the date range and I love the company's rank.


      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!