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    No connection to QVS in Management Console / Access Point

      Hi all,


      I installed QVServer x64 version 11.20.11922.0 on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard.


      The server is part of a domain, but the QVserver should run using local users.


      I therefore created a local user QVAdmin, which if member of Administrators and QlikView Administrators.

      the services run unser that user.


      In the management consol  (Service status overview), all services are connected and running.

      but whenever I want to access anything related to QVS, the connections does not work.

      the error messages in the respective menu points are as follows:


      Status - QVS statistics: Could not connect to the QlikView Server. Make sure it is reachable @ qvp://localhost/

      Documents - User Documents - QVS: Failed to retrieve settings from Qlikview Server

      System - Setup - Managment service - QlikView servers - QVS: Failed to retrieve settings from Qlikview Server. Make sure that the QVS is available with the correct credentials.


      I tried to play around with the Directory Service Connectors, but failed to find a solution.

      I could not find any documentation on how/what I can configure there.



      Can I/do I install a local Domain Controller and use that for QV while still being connected to the network domain?


      Hope anyone can help me. Thanks in advance!