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    Trouble with selection, expression and visibillity

    Sandeep Hamelink

      Dear QV-users


      The graph 'test' shows the value 26. This is correct. I am using this expression:





      DateType = {'Actievedeelname'},

      STATUS_INSCHRIJVING = {'Beeindigd','Volledig','Afgedrukt','Definitief'},     

      CorrectieUitschrijving = {"= CorrectieUitschrijving >= Date(max(Date))"}




      But there is a but. I would like to see this value wihtout having to select a 'Teljaar'

      When you change 'Teljaar' , you get other numbers, these are also correct, but still. I would like to those numbers without making a selection


      Help would be much appreciated