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    How To Prevent Pie Chart From Resizing?

      In the attached example, I've got two pie charts, one of which changes sizes based on data.  Infuriatingly, I cannot find any way to control it.


      This is a reduced data set which has been anonymized, then moved to Excel for easy transport in order to demonstrate the issue.


      I created the second pie chart in this example by cloning the first one and then editing the expressions and titles.


      • I have played with resizing the little red boxes under Ctrl-Shift.
      • I have played with Fast Change in an effort to exert more control over red boxes.
      • I have also attempted to use Fast Change in an effort to exert control over the othewise missing Axes tab on Pie Charts.
      • I have played with Lower Limit on Slice Area.
      • I have tried Reset User Sizing.
      • I have tried Reset User Docking.
      • I have tried just about everything I can think of and this pie has a mind of its own.


      I am constrained more or less to the sizes in the example; the rest of the tab is loaded with other stuff.  There is some leeway within the boundaries of the text box, but I must think (or at least live) inside the box on this one.


      When Division ABC is selected, both pies are the same size.


      When XYZ is selected, or if neither Division is selected, the upper pie shrinks.


      If I throw smaller data at it (all numbers reduced by three orders of magnitude, for example), the pies remain a steady size.  So it has to do with the data ranges, I suspect.


      Just shy of 63 million options in Qlikview and not a single "Leave it where I put it" checkbox.  (LOL)


      But why can't I lock this thing down?  What am I doing wrong?  How do I fix it?  Why is the sky blue?   Aiaiaiaiirrrgh!!!!


      Any thoughts?