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    Vbscript to visible or invisible a Container

      Hi all,


      I have a button and want to add an action to visible and invisble another Container.

      Could anyone give me an example, how to write vbscript to achieve this function?


      Any help will be appreciated.

        • Re: Vbscript to visible or invisible a Container

          Create One variable like..


          vHideContainer = 0 //Default value '0'



          Then add one button (Name it as Hide)..


          Right click on Button... Properties --> Action --> Add --> External --> Set Variable -->

          In Variable InputBox type as 'vHideContainer' [Without quotes] --> In Value Box type as '1'[Without quotes]


          Now go to Container Object Properties --> Layout --> Show -- Set as 'vHideContainer=0'[Without quotes]


          So now If you click on button (hide)...


          Value of variable will change as '1' and you container will hide..


          Now you have to create one more button for 'Show'.. Same procedure you can follow as like above and set variable as '0'..


          Hope it helps you..