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    Qlikview integration in intranet

    Dror Svartzman



      We would like to embed qlikview in our intranet (IFrame). The documents,  which the user has access to, will be shown in a Menu bar. Please note that there should be no access to the AccessPoint .




      The desire process is as follow:

      1. User log in Intranet.


      on Page_load:

      1.  External User Id (intranet) is matched up with the Qlikview user

      2.  Ping QVS. Disable menubar  if QVS is dead

      3. Obtain access to Qlikview using WebTicket

      3. Populate menu with the documents which the user has access to

      4. For each document a check should be made to see if  a CAL is already assigned. Enable menu-item's hyperlink if there is CAL available for that user.


      on Menu-item onClick:
      1. populate inner IFrame with document content



      1. Is the above even possible?

      2. Is it possible to get the following from the QVS:

      - List all document

      - List all users

      - List Active user-document (user with an open session)

      - List user-documents (thus for each user, his/haar assigned documents)

      - Programmically open and close session.


      I tried to obtain the above using call  to QMS API but couldn't get further than the 'GetTimeLimitedServiceKey' (eventhough aquired..). I keep getting 'Service key is missing'


      Qlikview SBS Server v11 SR1