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    Current Selections - showing un-associated items

      Hi all,


      I have noticed what looks like a visualisation bug...?


      When I make a valid set of selections in two fields, it is possible to select un-associated values from either field and they will display in the current selections box.


      As per the attached - Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods are shown in the Current Selections box, but clearly only Tiger Woods is selected in the Players list box, as 'United States' is selected in the Country box. Surely selecting Rory should overwrite the selection in the Country field?


      Steps to re-create this:

      1. Select United States

      2. Select Tiger Woods

      3. Ctrl select Rory McIlroy


      One of my clients noticed this so it would be good to have a explanation of what/why to go back to them.


      Much appreciated