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    How can I access the specific state value of a variable in an object

      Here is the scenario...


      I have a document that is largely based on set analysis by alternate state.


      To help identify the different states in charts, I would like to assign different colors to the different states but it needs to be consistent across charts and tabs.


      So I thought I would define a variable to store the color with the state value of each variable being the color for the chart.


      In other words.  I have an input box assigned to State1 and a variable called vColor.  I entered a value of 'Blue' in the input box.


      I then create a text object with the Alternate state set to State1 and the text =(vColor) it will display 'Blue'


      however I want to leave the state of the chart as Default and then define the state as part of the expression so I can repeat the same expression multiple times in the same chart for different states.