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    Alternative for bug 54451 in qv11 sr1

    Subodh Kawar

      Hi all,


        We have qv 11 sr1 and the problem faced by me is :-


         Earlier Auto reloads through management console were working fine.

         But  now the auto reloads are failing and neither last execution time nor the last schedule time are shown.

         Also manual reloads through management console doesnt work .


         Qliktech team recognized it as a bug "54451" and suggested us to upgrade to qv 11.2 sr1,

         But already 8 to 9 applications are created on qv 11 sr1 and upgrading it to qv 11.2 sr2 will require more efforts to test the application

         and fix the issues (if found) which will be a minimum of 4 days job which we cannot afford at this stage.


         Also some of the log files are missing from the Qliktech folder (confirmed by support team).

         What can be the reason and solution for it ?


         So can you please suggest an alternative.



         Thanks & Regards,