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    Month Calculated Dimension



      I have a table similar to this:


      SiteMonthYear Units
      East LintonJan130
      East LintonFeb130
      East LintonMar1317
      East LintonApr





      What I need to calculate is the Total No of Units - 32 and the  Month where the the first units were sold - Mar 13. I need to create a chart that will look as follows:


      SiteMonth of PurchaseUnits Sold
      East LintonMar 1332


      I have Site as a Dimesion. The calculation for units sold is, this works fine:


      sum(Aggr(DISTINCT $(vUnitsSold),Site))


      However I am sturggling to work out the Calculated Dimension to give me the Month where Units <> 0 and Month = Min(Month) where a value exists?


      Any help appreciated.