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    How to find out stock for Day for max of date of month

      Hi Folks,



      Many Thanks in advance to see look over it this post.


      I stuck in a sitution. i ll explain it below


      I have dimension as Month [ jan , feb , March , Apr , May , June , July , Aug ,..., Dec ]


      I have on Field Stock_Date in which i have dates for all year and have another field as Stock having  Stock value according dates.


      All i want is to calculate : Sum of Stock for max Date of that month


      Ex:  Stock_Date  Stock

               01-01-2013  12

               03-01-2013  15

              26-01-2013  18

              26-01-2013  20



      So I want to show Sum of Stock on Max of Stock_Date ie: 26-01-2013  means 38 i want as result on selecting Jan.


      I want to show this info in Bar Chart so Month is My dimesion and Want expression which show result as i told above.


      If have any doubt please let me know i ll explain.








      Many Thanks In advance  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!