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    Max value of Aggregation

    Simon Koenen



      I have a chart containing cumulated data using this expression:





      [Measures (Key)]={'Operating Profit (EBIT)'},

      [Version single (Key)]={'Actual'},


      [Year period 1]={$(vTwelveMonthRolling_All)}









      With this dimension: [Year period 1].


      My question is, how to calculate the highest and the lowest value from this chart expression within a simple text-object.


      This means if my data looks like this:


      Year period 1Single valuesCumulated values
      Jan 1336,136,1
      Feb 134,240,3
      Mar 1380,1120,4
      Apr 13-68,851,6
      May 1362,1113,7
      Jun 1367,3181
      Jul 13-63,4117,6
      Aug 1388,1205,7
      Sep 13-14,7191
      Oct 1397,7288,7
      Nov 13-90,9197,8
      Dec 1333,1230,9


      And I would like to receive the highest value from the cumulated column (col 3): 288.7 Oct 13


      Any suggestions?