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    Read SAP STXL

    Carlos Lisboa

      Hi all,


      I need to obtain the long text for each fin. document.

      AFAIK it's stored in the STXL table, but i can't access it's data, it's encoded, and the only way to get the information is with the help of an ABAP function: READ_TEXT.

      Has anyone ever needed to get this information? How did you get it?




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          Norbert Lidauer

          Hi Carlos,


          I have the same problem, did you find a reason to show the encoded long text in Qlikview?


          Thank you


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              Carlos Lisboa

              Hi Norbert,


              Since then the issue has become somewhat dormant.

              I've talked to my SAP guy and he's going to create a table that will be populated with an SAP Report every night for each document that has the encoded long text.

              It's still in the works so i don't really know if this is going to work but it should

              The table is only half million records long, so it shouldnt be a big deal.

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              Yevgeniy Popov


              Sap connector is work on function

              You need know input, output parameters function

              If you have SAPConnector, you need input Database : QvSAPBAPIConnector.


              Be write row connect


              Sample Kod my function:



                num(MATNR) ,

                  LIFNR ,

                  text(WERKS) ,

                  DMBTR ,

                  BUDAT ',

                  BLART ;

              SQL You Abap kod;


              SQL {

                "function":"You function",

                "output":"You Data",









                      { "field":"BUKRS", "length":4, "type":"CHAR", "values":[] },

                      { "field":"GJAHR", "length":4, "type":"NUM", "values":[] },

                      { "field":"MONAT", "length":2, "type":"NUM", "values":[] },

                      { "field":"LIFNR", "length":10, "type":"CHAR", "values":[] },

                      { "field":"MATNR", "length":18, "type":"CHAR", "values":[] },

                      { "field":"WERKS", "length":4, "type":"CHAR", "values":[] },

                      { "field":"DMBTR", "length":7, "type":"BCD", "values":[] },

                      { "field":"WAERS", "length":5, "type":"CHAR", "values":[] },

                      { "field":"BLART", "length":2, "type":"CHAR", "values":[] },

                      { "field":"BUDAT", "length":8, "type":"DATE", "values":[] }



                  { "direction":"in", "length":4, "name":"I_GJAHR", "optional":false, "type":"NUM", "value":"$(i_gjahr)" },

                  { "direction":"in", "length":2, "name":"I_MONTH", "optional":false, "type":"NUM", "value":"$(i_month)" }



              $(i_gjahr) and $(i_month) - QlikView variable

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                Yevgeniy Popov

                ABAP function: READ_TEXT

                Long names are stored in the YYY within a few tables at once. In theory, you need to pass parameters to specify key, and get ready table, where a great name will be written in a few lines.
                But I have not tested

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                    Carlos Lisboa

                    I know how to use the READ_TEXT function, my question and problem was not how to use it.

                    I wanted to know a way to read the table without the combersome of the ABAP function.


                    In the end we solved it by scheduling daily a report that translates the table to another one table that QlikView is able to read.

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                    sunil jain

                    There is no option other than to Use ABAP function "READ_TEXT".