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    Counting blank values from left join

    Steve Zagzebski

      I want to count fields that do not have a join back to the main table. For instance in the table below if I left joined to Table 2 from Table 1.  How do I count the two effective dates (Product D and F) that had no corresponding join to the main table (Table 1). Is this possible?




      Product(Table 1)  Zone(Table 1)  Product (Table 2)  Effective Date (Table2)

           A                       North                 A                        12/31/2012

           B                       South                B                         1/31/2011

           C                       East                  C                          9/27/2010

           D                       West                 -                                -

           E                       North                 E                          8/21/2012

           F                       East                  -                                 -