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    Authorization With DMS

      All I have the latest and greatest Qlikview Server version, 11.2 and I am running into problems allowing external users to see reports that I have assigned them authorization and document cals on. I am using DMS authorization. Our development team has configured a portal using web tickets and the authentication piece is working perfectly as designed. We are authenticating against our ADLDS instance and I am authorizing users using ADLDS as well. When the user gets authenticated they get into access point but they do not see the documents I have assigned them. Their user name shows in the top right corner as the logged in user they just don't see the documents. Anyone have any experience with this? To this point Qlikview support has not been very helpful.

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          Go to QEMC->Users->User Management tab, select the desired user from list of users. Then click on the documents tab on the right. It will show you the documents that the particular user has access to.

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              Thank you for the reply, the funny thing is when I do that the user shows that he has access to the appropriate document. For some reason he is not getting this access passed through once he hits the portal. I have switched from QVWS to IIS and am trying to get that configured now seeing if it is any different.