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    Chart Displaying a column of 0's

      Hello QlikView Gurus,


      I am having an issue displaying a chart properly.  I am querying CSV files (one file daily) which provides me a list of servers,
      latest backup date, file count and few more things.  On one of the charts I want the last 7 days of history
      of the backups.  It lists the number of files backed up each day per server.  If in the last 7 days, the server was not backed up at all,
      then I want that to be included on the chart.  I can get that information, but the problem I am having is that in order
      to get the "null" values (those not backed up in the last 7 days), I have to have the "Suppress if Null" option on the Dimensions
      tab not selected.  This causes a column of 0's to appear after the last days column.  If I select "suppress if null", I get all the servers including
      the ones that failed, but I do not get the ones that did not run at all.  Does anyone know what that column of 0's is and how can I get rid of
      it while still displaying the servers that did not get backed up at all?

      I included a screen shot or two in the attached document to help explain the issue.  I omitted the server names, but they are in the first column on the left.