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    Sorting problem in Straight Table

    Rui Correia

      Hi Community!


      My client wants to have a Pareto (80/20) analysis in its application, marking with different background color the clients that make up 80% of its sales.


      WhenI use Full Accumulation functionality with Visual Cues, I am not able to get the right result since I cannot mark the last client if it sums up more than 80% (example "Rank - Native QlickView Functions" attached) but the sorting in the application works fine.

      I do have a problem when I deploy the application in the server because when I open it in the browser, it always sorts by Client Alphabetically.


      On the other hand, when I calculate the Full Accumulation function "manually" using the Above function, I can mark the clients correctly but the sort does not work at all, not even in my laptop using a local version.


      I found this post in this community:


      That states that "Sorting of expression columns is disabled if you use rowno() or other inter-chart functions anywhere in the chart.". So my question is how can I fullfill customer requirement?


      I attach a .qvw with both examples.


      Any help is really appreciated!


      Thanks in advance,

      Rui Correia