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    get full data of PivotTable

    Steffen Prendke

      Hello together,


      I have in my QlikView Applications severals Pivottables. I want to export the data of the Pivottable by C# OCX. Now I have the problem that I get not the full table data, some columns are collapsed, how can I open these columns automatically.


      Application qvApp = new Application();

      Doc qvDoc = qvApp.OpenDoc(@"PATH_TO_QV_APP");


      //get object

      SheetObject qvObject = qvDoc.GetSheetObject("QV_OBJECT_ID");

      // cast object to pivottable

      PivotTableBox pivottable= (PivotTableBox)qvObject;

      //file path to save

      pivottable.Export("FILE_PATH", ";");