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    Server crushing issue

    Alec Harf

      Hi Guys,


      The drive on our server is crushing all the time and we think to change the server.


      I am not sure where to start with QlikView. anybody have some instructions on how should I proceed to move the application to the new server. and how can i install  the same QV settings with no pain.




        • Re: Server crushing issue

          In my case, i had the installation in C:\Archivos de programa\QlikView and my qv work ambient into D:\QLIKVIEW,

          so i just install in the new server qlikview and copy on D: my qlikview folder. Another think is the license, for that i got a folder on C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Datos de programa\QlikTech there should be a LEF.txt that contain you license and in the subfolders are the configuration for you server, so i copy this folder on the new server and i had not problem.

          I used QV10

          and Windows Server 2003-2008