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    Set variables in script to highest and 2:nd higest most frequent value



      This is my first post in this forum, and I need help..


      I'm stuck on how to best do this. Or actually, how to do it all..  I'm not sure how to start. I have a date that is set every 2-3 months or so for a couple of thousands product numbers.. It's the same date for all product numbers. Between  this interval of 2-3 months, a couple of product numbers can have new dates assigned do them. So an example for the year 2012 could be.


      Date                   Count


      2012-01-15          2500

      2012-02-10          12

      2012-03-15          2600

      2012-03-16          2

      2012-05-15          2550

      2012-06-01          4

      2012-07-15          2700

      2012-10-10          2600

      2012-11-10          1

      2012-12-20          2400



      I want to set two variables to always have the maxdate and the second maxdate, only reflecting the dates that have a count of >100. At the same time I want he product numbers with dates <100 to be included in previous date with a count of >100.


      So if the current date is 2012-06-20 I want

      maxdate1 = '2012-05-15' and

      maxdate2 = '2012-03-15'

      The date 2012-03-16  should be grouped with 2012-03-15  and 2012-06-01  with 2012-05-15.



      I think it should be done in the script.


      Best Regards