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    e-mail send alert fail

      Hi guys, I have a problem, I´m trying to solve te e-mail alert sent but simply it does not works, could some body please tell me if my configuration is correct? also if I have to set my server outlook with this e-mail account?


      I attached a print scrin of "mail server" configuration located in System > Settings > mail server. and the below log where I see that is not sending the email alert.


      Thanks in advance


      Information: Sending Alert mail

      (2013-06-26 13:14:50) Warning: Failed to send mail to (myemailccount1@server)

      (2013-06-26 13:14:51) Warning: Failed to send mail to (myemailccount2@server)

      (2013-06-26 13:14:51) Information: TaskResult.status=Finished