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    Dashboard format help!



      I've been given a requirement of creating a dashboard with the format similar to the attached spreadsheet.


      I've created my data model and brought in all the expressions (about 25 of them) into a straight table. I have selected 'Horizontal' in the Presentation tab to bring the expressions down onto the rows.


      Now I have the issue of needing to report these expressions (and their variance to plan) by the last 4 weeks, 4 wk average and YTD. I have flags for these different selections which I can refer to using set analysis BUT my issue is I need these 'date' criteria to be at the top of the report. I've played with the idea of having seperate tables - but this is a no go as exporting to excel / scrolling is an issue.


      Has anyone developed anything similar? Or can you provide advice on how to create this view?




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          I have tried loading my expressions into a new table with the expression name as a value in a field (with the intention of bringing back this field as a dimension in a table) but this won't work as some of my expressions are ratios.