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    Internet Explorer Quit Loading Dashboard on Client

    Dick Thornburg

      We had a power outage and had to bring servers down due to length of outage. We started everything back up and clients can no longer access the dashboards with Internet Explorer. Prior to that everything worked fine. The dashboards load fine in Internet Explorer on the server. Dahsboards load fine using Google Chrome and Firefox on clients. We have the IE plugin installed on a few clients and if they choose that it works also. What could have caused this issue and how to I resolve it?


      The main page loads fine but the dashboards do not load in Internet Explorer. I attached a screen shot of what dashboard looks like in IE.


      Reviewing the Sessions log. I am seeing an error that the session was killed because named user cal was needed from another client. Screen shot of that attached. How do I clear that error because it is not a true error. I am only logged in on one computer.