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    Press Release: Analysis of the Loan/Lease Pipeline of a bank

    Paul Van Siclen



      A bank's loan/lease pipeline is rich turf for QlikView as this process is important to Sales, Credit, Operations, Finance, Pricing, Risk & Compliance.  Managing the pipeline is a great place to build a business case because it can used to touch nearly all income statement line items (Volume, Yield, Cost of Funds, Non-Interest Income, Expected Loss, Non-Interest Expenses & Productivity and Economic Capital).

      The use case touches three important pillars for financial institutions: 

      1. Customer Intel
      2. Cost Reduction
      3. Managing Risk and Compliance.

      The credit team is the traditional owner of the system & data (because a main function is to run deals through a credit scoring model) but QlikView unlocks the value and provided it in meaningful ways to the entire organization.

      IPC's solution is very slick and they have several successful implementations.