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    Multiple filters within set analysis

    Heino Juho

      Hi all,


      I am trying to set an additional filter to a straight table I already have, so that the table would only show orders created on the day it is viewed.



      The expression I already have is the following:


      'HuolTarj','81-Varsiirto'}>} AvoinTilausmäärä*Hinta)


      It is in Finnish, Tilaustyyppi means order type, AvoinTilausmäärä means open orders and Hinta means price (if this helps). So it is basically open orders times price with certain order types ignored ('70-Tarjous' etc.). Pvm (means date) is the field I have for the order date to be used in filtering.



      Could I use something like

      '81-Varsiirto'}>} AvoinTilausmäärä*Hinta)


      to only show orders created on the day of viewing?