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    List box expression set analysis?

      My data model has a table in it.  My user is only interested in a certain subset of that table's data (WHERE FieldA = 'XYZ').  Originally, I handled this in the script by adding another table by doing a resident load of the table with FieldA = 'XYZ' in the WHERE clause.  This works, but I it would be better to not have an extra table in the data model, and instead use set analysis.


      This works great for charts, but I'm having issues with list boxes.  I want the list box to only contain values where FieldA = 'XYZ'.  I can build an expression for the list box, and do something like =Only({<FieldA = {'XYZ'}>} ListBoxField), but Only isn't the right command.  I also don't think you can show frequencies for expressions.. but I'd be happy even just to get the possible selections.


      How am I supposed to do this?