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    Max Value (Including Selection)

    Danielle van Eeden

      Hi All,


      I am trying to do an expression to calculate the max of ( sum (Value) / sum (quantity) ) by supplier. This is not a problem when no selection has been made on supplier.


      However, I want the max ( sum (Value) / sum (quantity) ) still to show the max value across all suppliers, even when a selection is made on a supplier


      For example, in the below, the max ( sum (Value) / sum (quantity) ) is 350, from supplier JKL. If I selected DEF for example, I would still want the figure to show 350 (not 200)



      Supplier          ( sum (Value) / sum (quantity) )

      ABC               100

      DEF               200

      GHI                150

      JKL                350

      MNO              200


      I've tried various expressions but can't seem to get the max value to remain the same when I select a supplier.


      Any help much appreciated!