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    Simple Load Question

      Hi All,


      Need some help with a simple load problem.


      I have a simple sales table , it has Account ID, Sales Channel, order ID and Order Date. (load script below)


      It has two accounts and 4 orders for each accounts.




      load * inline

      [ACC, CHNL, ORD_ID, PROD    , DT

      AC123, Web, ORD1, DVD, 1/1/2012

      AC123, STORE, ORD2,CD, 1/1/2013

      AC123, Phone,ORD3, BOOK, 1/1/2010

      AC123, Web,ORD4,TSHIRT, 1/1/2011

      AC980, Store,ORD5,BOOK, 2/1/2010

      AC980, Phone,ORD6,TSHIRT, 2/1/2011

      AC980, Web,ORD7,DVD, 2/1/2012

      AC980, Web,ORD8,CD, 2/1/2013];



      After loading this what I would like to extract the DISTINCT Account IDs and their fist order information and create a new table.(the blue records alone)

      Can we use some kind of ranking ?


      As example , from the above scanrio , it should create the following two records


      AC123, Phone,ORD3, BOOK, 1/1/2010

      AC980, Store,ORD5,BOOK, 2/1/2010


      Thanks in advance and truly appreciate your help..



      Aji Paul.