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    Multiple scales for dimension values

      Hi, I have a user requirement about the display of a line/bar char, it would be easier to explain with the following example:

      I have 2 dimensions:

      Date: Jan 2005, Feb 2005, Mar 2005, ..., Mar 2010, Apr 2010

      Industry: Commerce, Construction

      I have a line chart with this dimensions with an expression of Change Percentage, wich give me the following result:

      For Commerce:

      error loading image

      For Construction:

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      When I choose both (Commerce and Construction) in the Industry listbox what the chart does its take the the UNION of both scales and paint the lines according to that scale, like this:

      error loading image

      The user wolud like to analyse the shape of the curve (ups and down) instead of compare the difference between both curves. So the expected result its the following (I made this in paint so I hope its not a problem :))

      error loading image

      Like you can see, the shape of the curve hasn't change, what change its the scale used in the second line.

      It's there anyway to achieve this in qlikview.

      Thanks and regards


        • Multiple scales for dimension values
          Michael Solomovich

          First, define these lines in the chart as two separate expressions.
          Next, in "Axes" properites, find "Position", and assign left to "Construction" expression, and right to "Comercio".

            • Multiple scales for dimension values

              Hi Michael, thanks for the quick answer.

              I have 2 questions about this:

              1. How could I assigne a expression to a dimension value? for example that the first expression line, only show me the value of construction and the second only show me the value of Commerce

              2. If my Industry dimension have more values (like Turism, Transportation, etc), do I have to make a different expression for every value in the dimension?


                • Multiple scales for dimension values
                  Michael Solomovich

                  1. Do not use Industry dimension. Use only Date. Instead of one expression, create two:
                  if(Industry='Commerce', <your current expression>), and label it Commerce
                  and similar for Construction.

                  2. Yes, but if your have more than 2, you don't have enough axes. Certainly you can assign many values for each left and right sides.

                  The price of this solution - it cannot handle dynamically any changes in the set of values in Industry. It is expected that they stay the same. Actually, it makes less sense with more than 2 values because it is not clear for user which line is using left scale and which is using right.

                    • Multiple scales for dimension values

                      I tried your solution . The problem I'm having is that the chart only displays the first of them, it doesn't show the second expression I prepare an example qvw file for testing, but I don´t know how to attach files to the post. As soon as I find out how to do it, I'll attach teh file so I can show you my problem and hopefully you could help me correct my mistake