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    Counting zeros in a range

    Abey Chandy




      Please see the above excel data. I am struggling with calculation for the "Count of Zeros" column above. It has to calcualate the number of zeros for the months passed for the financial year (Apr, May and Jun). Acitivity is a column based on the "count of zeros" column value.


      The values for these months are calcualted values (expressions) and not directly available in my data set.


      In excel we have something like - COUNTIF(N6:X6,0), that will give you the count of 0s between N6 and X6.


      I checked the different range functions available (Rangecount, rangenumericcount), but none seems to be suitable for this situation. Was wondering if any chart inter record function would do the job.


      Would be of great help if you could suggest something on this direction.