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    Plotting the Highest and Lowest Values on a Chart


      I have an interesting challenge that I’m wondering if it’s possible to do in QlikView without using an intermediary spreadsheet as the data source. And if it’s possible, some ideas of how to accomplish it…


      I have a QlikView chart that displays percentages of Truancy by grade (screenshot below). The purpose of this chart is to show a specific school district (Compton, in the example below) where they score compared to the highest, lowest, and average. You can see below that Compton ranks higher than average in all grades, and even has the highest rate for grade 9.




      The raw data coming from the database looks similar to this (screenshot below) and currently requires a lot of spreadsheet calculations in order to display the data shown above. The twist is that each value plotted on the Highest or Lowest lines, is a separate district’s value. Essentially the Highest and Lowest by Grade lines are saying “out of all of our client districts, the highest or lowest score for each grade is X%”. Compton holds the record for the Highest Truancy for Grade 9, but some other district has the record for Grade 10, and another for Grade 11, etc.


      Is there any way to calculate/display this in QlikView directly from the database, without an intermediary spreadsheet? And if so, how would you recommend developing this solution? Thanks