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    Cascade selection

      Hi guys,


      I would like that a value would be selected when I select a value in another field but in only one sheet. I suceed to do that to the whole document but not for only one sheet. I tried to use getActiveSheetID in this way :


      =if((GetActiveSheetId()='1' and GetSelectedCount(num_annee)), '(' & Concat(DISTINCT num_annee= , '|') & ')')

        but it does not work.


      Thank you for your help.

        • Re: Cascade selection
          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Selections are applied document-wide unless you define alternate states and assign those to the sheets. That only works in QV11 and newer. A selection in a listbox (or other object) in an alternate state only affects objects in the same alternate state.


          You can create alternate states on the General tab of the document properties window. You can then assign them to objects, like sheets, on the General tab of the properties window of the object.