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    MSDAIPP to conect Sharepoint with QV question



      I found a QlikView application, which access Sharepoint lists using this conector:


      OLEDB CONNECT TO [Provider=MSDAIPP.DSO.1;Data Source="http://shareroom1 ....


      Unfortunatelly it seems it is no more valid, as I am getting this error message:


      02.07.2013 10:55:31: 0015  OLEDB CONNECT*Provider*Provider*Password*XPassword*

      02.07.2013 10:55:31:       Error: ErrorSource: (null), ErrorMsg: Class not registered

      02.07.2013 10:55:41:      Execution finished.



      I was not able to contact the responsible of the application to ask him/her how does it works. But the fact is, that it worked (at least in the past) as I was able to see the results, but I can not reload the document again.


      Does anybody know what is this MSDAIPP Provider? Do I need to install any plug in?


      Any information would be very appreciated.


      Thank you and best regards,


      Ruben Lainez