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    Problem related to the link between tables

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have a problem rgd. the appearance of one of my diagrams:

      - In all diagrams, I select (by default, sheet-level-trigger) the current week and have six days (Mo-Sat) in my dimension

      - In one, that is not the case, I have only as many dimension_points as I have entries in the underlying list.

      - The reason for that seems to be that in most diagrams I have "month" and one specific date_field as my dimension - that date_field is the one that is used as link between the list (where there isn't an entry for every day, but only once in a while) and a calendar.
      => I assume that the date is thus taken from the calendar and that is why every day is present in the dimension, even if there is no entry.


      - That one diagram that I cannot get to look the same uses a different date_field that can have different values - generally, that date_field is the_same_or_later than the other one. The link to the calendar is thus "not correct" with regards to that date and I cannot get every day to be displayed on the x-axis regardless of there being any data in the list.


      Can anyone think of a way I could still have all the days of the current week displayed?


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,