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    User CAL license lease issue

    Marcus Malinow



      One of our users here is having an issue leasing a User CAL on our development server and was hoping someone here may be able to suggest a fix.


      We have a production machine and a development machine. Up until yesterday the user had been leasing a User CAL from the production machine, but suddenly this stopped working and Qlikview Desktop started opening as Personal Edition.


      We have tried a number of fixes.


      - Opening a document from the production machine using 'Open in Server', using the production server qvp URL, and also the url qvp://[username]@[production server name]

      - Setting the 'Default License Lease Server (URL)' setting

      - Restarting the Qlikview Server service on the production machine

      - Clear License Information in Qlikview Desktop User Settings

      - I've also checked that 'Allow License Lease' is still set on both servers


      I've checked various posts on the forums here and haven't found any other suggestions that may help.